About Nebraska Pudelpointers

Nebraska Pudelpointers was founded in 2021 out of the love of hunting and love for the breed of Pudelpointers. We take great pride and care of each and every litter, and are a proven breeder that’s proudly located in Southeastern Nebraska in the United States.

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Pudelpointers are known for being intelligent and versatile hunting dogs, but are a great working breed and also make an excellent dog as they work and play well with kids and families. This breed is also very loyal and have a gentle temperament.

Pudelpointers are one of the last dog breeds that are not bred as a show dog, but are bred strictly for their ability to hunt, their desired demeanor and versatility. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association defines versatility as a dog that has been trained and bred to reliably hunt and point game, will retrieve on both water and land, and track and retrieve wounded game, both on land as well as from the water.

Nebraska Pudelpointers adheres to strict standards set forth by the North American Pudelpointer Society (NAPS), Pudelpointer Club of North America (PCNA), and the American Kennel Club (AKC) which helps set the very definition of what makes a Pudelpointer the best versatile hunting breed. It is easy to say, “our goal with our litters is to ensure they are of the best quality and highest standard.” This should be everyone’s goal with every intentional breeding.

We have set out to breed the ultimate hunting companion.


About the Breed

Some breeds can be distant with everyone but their owner(s). However, pudelpointers are great with family . . .

Breed History

During the 1880s the German Empire was going through a rapid growth period including its industry, economy . . .

Breed Standards

The Pudelpointer breed is a rough-coated pointing dog that genetically originates from the combination of two . . .