Great for Families

Independent Lovey-dovey

Some breeds can be distant with everyone but their owner(s). However, pudelpointers are great with family members and others the dog knows well.

Around Other Dogs

Not Recommended Great with Other Dogs

Pudelpointers are generally friendly towards other dogs, especially in their own home, but should be supervised while interacting with other dogs and when being introduced to new dogs for the first time.

With Young Children

Not Recommended Great with Kids

Pudelpointers rank around a 6/10 in regards to being around young children. The breed is fine with children, but should be supervised, especially with children who have had little exposure to dogs.

Openness to Strangers

Reserved Best Friends with Everyone

This breed can be a tad cautious around new people, regardless of location. While other breeds will be happy to meet any new human.

Protective Nature

What's Mine is Yours Vigilant

Pudelpointers are more likely to react to a potential threat, whether it’s a delivery driver or a squirrel outside the window.

Barking Level

Mostly Quiet Very Vocal

Some breeds will bark at every passer-by or any animal outside the window, while Pudelpointers are more in the middle.


Only When You Want to Play Non-stop

Some dogs will continue to play fetch and tug-of-war well into their adult years, while other dogs enjoy lounging with their owner(s). Pudelpointers are roughly in the middle of this spectrum.

Drooling Level

Less Likely Grab a Towel

Every dog drools, yet pudelpointers aren’t likely to leave you with ropes of slobber everywhere.


Prefers Routine Highly Adaptive

Adaptability refers to how easily a dog handles change. Pudelpointers are highly adaptable, especially in regards to living conditions, noise, weather and daily routine.


Self-willed Eager to Please

Pudelpointers are highly trainable. Hence them being a breed that is great for hunting.

Energy Level

Couch Potato High Energy

Pudelpointers are a fairly high energy breed of dog. They are ready-to-go and eager for their next adventure.

Mental Stimulation Needs

Loves to Lounge Always Needs Activities

Mental stimulation refers to how much activity a dog needs to stay happy and healthy. Pudelpointers rank roughly 8/10 in this category, and love problem-solving, decision-making and other brain exercising activities.


No Shedding Tons of Hair

There are many more breeds of dogs that shed more than pudelpointers. However, they are a breed that likes to be brushed frequently.

Grooming Frequency

Monthly Daily

As with any breed of dog; dogs do require some routine grooming and maintenance. However, compared to most breeds, pudelpointers don’t require as frequent of grooming to stay happy and healthy.

Coat Type

  • Wiry
  • Smooth
  • Rough
  • Hairless
  • Corded
  • Double
  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Silky

Coat Length

  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long